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Melanie getting bathed after rescue

The City is Akron. The County is Summit. The place is the Summit County Animal Control (SCAC) facility. A haven for hundreds of currently unwanted and discarded dogs and cats. Thousands of animals come through here every year. Many are adopted. Many are not. People from all walks of life come through these doors to drop off the animals that no longer fit into their lives. Others come in and rescue these lost souls and give them another change at a better life.

That's where I come in. I'm a volunteer foster with Paws and Prayers. I carry a leash and a spare dog collar. My name is Beagle Bob. I'm given this name because I like to find the unwanted Beagles; foster them and get them adopted. I like Beagles and they seem to like me.

Beautiful Melanie happy in foster care

It was a cool, sunny day in Akron as I made my way to the SCAC. I had been given a tip that there were some Beagles there waiting to be adopted. They had been passed over for a while. Too long. As I made my way through the facility, saddened by the seemingly endless array of sad eyes looking up at me, I found myself stopping in front of a pen whose dog's name was listed as: "04-047". As my eyes read through the rest of the posted information: female, 2-3 years old, Beagle/Mix, my eyes were drawn to an asterisk (*) at the bottom of the list. It read: "Chronic stifle/knee injury." Damn. I knew this meant many things. This dog had been hurt. This dog may have been abused. This dog most likely will never leave this facility. I looked down into the pen. This dog was cute!

I immediately named her Melanie. I don't know why the name Melanie, but this small, sweet, spunky Beagle had taken a grip on my heart. I knew 04-047 was not a good name and I knew I could help. She pressed her head against the gate of her pen so I could pet her. I walked her around outside and was amazed at her ability to walk and even run on a leg that was obviously bothering her. She doesn't always put it completely down on the ground and sometimes runs on only her three good legs. Pitiful and inspirational at the same time.

One of Melanie's X-Rays

X-rays show that Melanie has a traumatic dislocation of her right hind leg at the hip joint. An injury that happened a long time ago and was never properly treated and has not healed properly. How did it happened?

She won't tell, but the x-rays revealed even more startling news. Melanie has almost a dozen pellets (from a BB gun or shotgun) lodged under her skin. There are several in her back and side and even one in her neck!

This little trooper needs help. Paws and Prayers is arranging for her hip to be surgically repaired. She will spent her rehabilitation time with me and my family (and our two Beagles). When the time is right, she will be able to be adopted to a new family that will give her the safe and happy forever home she deserves. She will out the rest of her days surrounded by the love that has alluded her.

Sweet Melanie, post-op ready to receive some TLC
As for me, Beagle Bob? Once Melanie's home, I'll find another Beagle (I also foster other breeds, I just love Beagles) to foster. There's never a shortage of needy animals out there. I'll be back at the SCAC facility with my leash and spare collar. Walking past the seemingly endless.......

Update 5/22/2012--

It's been one week since Melanie's surgery and she is well on her road to recovery. One day after surgery she was ready to run around in the yard! She is following a specific schedule of stretching and exercise to get her hip joint strengthened and allow her to do the things she has been unable to do for a long time. The Vet had to saw off the top part of her femur bone (see x-ray) in order for her hip joint to be normal again. Her body's natural healing will form a new bony structure at the top of the bone that will allow her more natural movement. Next week she will get her stitches out.
Melanie's post-surgery x-ray
Melanie's playful and loving spirit is continuing to grow everyday. She loves to carry stuffed dog toys around the house and hide them in various places or hoard them in her bed. She is beginning to love attention and has adapted to our daily routine with enthusiasm.

Many people have come forward and generously donated money and support for Melanie. As her foster, my Family and I are extremely grateful and more than a little moved. Knowing that there are people out that support our efforts keep us doing what we do.

All our foster dogs have been hard to part with and Melanie is no exception. Her loving spirit and bravery is a very rewarding experience that we are lucky to be a part of.

Beagle Bob

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Bunny Quilts said...

10 bucks each from Woodrow and Wilson. They wanted to help.

Beagle Bob said...

Thanks Bunny, Woodrow, and Wilson for your continuing support.

Beagle Bob

stephnowak said...

Just curious how Melanie is doing, I read her story and I was very touched by it. We put our beagle down a month ago. Stephanie

Beagle Bob said...

Melanie has been adopted and will be continuing her recovery and rehabilatation with her new family. I will be posting a story soon. Thank you for your concern and support. Sorry to hear about your Beagle. It's never easy to lose a friend.

Beagle Bob

stephnowak said...

I'm so glad, I had to put mine down, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer 2 1/2 years ago. We didn't do chemo, just antibiotics and rymadyl and a lot of love. I started a website through the American Kennel Club and do far have raised $1,200 for pet cancer research. What you are doing is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Melanie was adopted. We put down our 15 year old Beagle last March. Our kids have grown up and moved out. We are very interested in adopting a rescued Beagle. I work from home, so the dog will not be alone all day. We prefer a female adult.

Paws and Prayers Rescue Blog said...

Hi there! Check out Winnie at She is Bob's latest foster. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Beagle Bob for all you do! You brought us to our lovely, sweet Teah not even a year ago. Thanks to you though, my husband will not let me in PetsMart on a weekend again! Too afriad I will come home with another dog! Seriously though, we love Teah and has added such enjoyment to our family. She has become a little snart to her canine brother. Anytime he has something he shouldn'tshe starts to bark. She is our little alarm system. Helps us out alot. Her canine brother loves her very much as well. Takes good care of her and will even lets her eat first and will give his food up for her. What a gentleman! He doesn't understand that she doesn't need it and thanks to him, she is gaining too much weight. Again thanks for all you. I could never do it. I would have a house with a hundred dogs because I would get too attached.
Jennifer B

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