Pet of the Month: Scoogie

 Hello.  I'm Scoogie.

I'm an older gal, at 8 years old, but I assure you I still have plenty of love and happiness to bring to you and your home!  I am past all of the craziness of kittenhood and am ready to snuggle up with you and be the purrfect companion.

Paws & Prayers has been helping me to find my furever home for a while now.  More recently I was given a break from the cage life and moved to be an office cat.  You'll most likely find me one of two places - relaxing on a shelf or right by your side.  Like any cat I like my me-time every now and then so I'll find a spot to curl up and get a good cleaning and nap in.  But I'm never too far from the action.

Getting up to say hello!
I love attention!  If you find me in one of my me-time hiding spots and even look at me to say hello, I'm up and at your feet ready for some loving.  Or even if you don't find me, I'm not shy once I get to you know, I'll come find you for some cuddles and love.
From my first days with Paws & Prayers,
coming out of my shell a little

And as you can see in my pictures, I have a beautiful, short coat of black, white and orange in a pretty calico pattern. Even my little nose decided to get in on the fun, as it's got some little black spots that look like my coat pattern! My eyes are big and round and flash from a soft lime green to a beautiful yellow, depending on the day.

From my first days at Paws & Prayers, feeling a little shy
 I was scared when I first got here to Paws and Prayers, but now I am starting to warm up to everyone and they're able to see how incredibly sweet I am.  The office life especially exposes me to all sorts of scenarios and I've come to show that I am good with other cats, dogs, and children once I have had the time to warm up to them, so I am a great fit for any family situation.  I can't wait to find my furever home.  Won't you help me find it today?

Scoogie is listed on Paws & Prayers Adoptable Cats. This sweet girl is up to date on her shots and vaccinations. To meet and/or adopt Scoogie please fill out a Paws & Prayers adoption application for her today.


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